Welcome to Season 28!

Simply Perfect Poker!

Season 28

Season 28 has started (December 30th)!

It will run through March with the Finale being the last full week of March (22-28).

This season you will need 2020 points to qualify for the Finale.  Or you can win a nightly event.  Our hope is to have the biggest Finale ever!

You still get 200 points for bringing new players (and they get 500 first timer points)!

Dealer points will stay the same.  A partial deal is 100 points.  Dealing an entire blind set is 200 points.  Dealing the entire game is 1000 points.

Bonus Hands will still be awarded but will be very difficult to get.  This season we are going ROYAL.  This season you need a ROYAL FLUSH played all the way out to get a Bonus Hand Bonus.  But the Bonus will be 1000 points for EVERYONE playing that night!

We will still be doing something special for the Top Points Totals.  It may be a Second Finale but it may play alongside the Grand Finale again.

Of course, we are thrilled to once again be sponsored by Horseshoe Tunica Resort and Casino!  

The amazing prize package includes 2 nights stay at the Horseshoe Tunica.

$300 in credit to spend anywhere in the resort on anything except gambling.

and $150 in cash for deposit and gas money!

(Of course restrictions may apply regarding dates you want to stay but feel free to ask for any dates you want.  We may also be able to get you 2 tickets to a show during your stay!)

And this year TD Gamenights is adding an option:

Poker Tournament on the road!

We follow all the tournament action at the Horseshoe.  So for your prize this year, we offer you the option of waiving the $150 cash and having TD Gamenights drive you to Tunica discussing poker strategy and game tips as we prepare to take on anything from a Horseshoe in house game to a WSOP Circuit Event!

It's going to be the best seasons and the best year ever!