Welcome to Season 27!

More points, more people, more fun!


Monday, December 16th, at Woofs

Sign in at 7 and the Game starts at 8

First Place wins the amazing Horseshoe Tunica Prize Package!

2 nights stay at the Horseshoe

$300 room credit to enjoy on anything (except gambling)

$150 cash for gas and room deposit

The possibility of 2 tickets to a show during your stay!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd win cash and bar cash!

Each player will have a $5 cash bounty on them. Take them out of the game and you get $5.

Other prizes will be awarded during the evening!

The Top 10 Point Totals will participate in a Last Longer tournament that runs within our regular tournament. The Top Points Player who Last Longest in our Finale will win $75. And the player who takes out the last of the Top Point Players will win a $25 bounty. If a Top Points Player wins the entire tournament, they keep their $25 bounty!

Welcome to TD Gamenight’s Season 27!

Season 27 will run from September 30th to December 14th, 2019.

The Season 27 Grand Finale will be December 16th at Woofs!

Points will be final at 12:01 am on December 14th.

This Season Our Preseason Players Earned More Points Than Ever!

Because of that we wanted to make sure the season is more competitive than ever before, so we raised the point total needed to qualify for the Season 27 Grand Finale. This season you need 7500 points to play in the Grand Finale. Of course, you can also qualify by winning one of the nightly tournaments. And even if that sounds like a lot of points, don’t worry. We are also raising the opportunity for you to earn points like never before!

Bonus Points

Bonus hands this season will be any hand, played out to the end, that includes a Straight Flush or Better. Everyone playing that night will earn bonus points when one of these bonus hands is played.

Helping Hands Bonus is awarded to any player that volunteers to deal at their table when they sign in with their Tournament Director. You must be approved by the TD before you start dealing or NO POINTS will be awarded. Dealer classes will be held this season. Dealers who deal an entire game from first to last card will get 1000 points. Each Blind set dealt will be 200 points. 100 points for a partial blind set.

Exceeds Expectations Bonus will be earned at least once per week at a different show each week. 500 points to each player who shows up and an additional 500 points added to players making the Final Table of 8 players.

Who Are You Bonus will be earned anytime you bring a player we have not seen before who plays until the first break. If they are taken out before the first break, that’s fine. Just as long as they don’t quit. 500 points to the New Player and 200 points to the person who brings them.

We are are going back to the one day Finale.

The location for the Finale has not yet been decided. We hope to have it at Tripps and at Woofs. However, we can tell you that both nights will be at NON-SMOKING LOCATIONS!

And the wonderful Horseshoe Tunica Casino and Resort Prize Package that goes to the Winner!

2 nights stay at the Horseshoe Tunica

$300 credit to spend on anything (except gambling)

$150 cash to use for gas and room deposit

And the possibility of 2 tickets to a show during your stay (tickets not guaranteed)

Things that aren’t changing this season:

All the rules and regulations we have used in the past may still apply. Remember, the Tournament Director is always right. At the moment. As TD’s, we make decisions that are to ensure the flow and speed of the game. Sometimes upon review, a decision we have made might not have gone with the strict letter of the PTDA law, but we make every effort to adhere to the latest PTDA regulations.

Our Referral Bonus

$250 cash to anyone who helps us get a signed contract, lasting at least 4 weeks, with a new venue for poker