Welcome to Season 24!

TD Gamenights Season 24


Back to Basics

There was quite a bit of discussion about ways to make our 24th season better. We’ve tried bonus points and special nights, costume contests, dealer points. All of that culminated in what could only be called Season 23th’s Grand Finale. 

Many people discussed among themselves what we could do to better the league and we took all the ideas and suggestions we heard and decided the best way to improve is to go back to the beginning. We’ve done so many things over the seasons that what worked best once might not work best now. And the only way to determine what’s going to work best moving forward is to start from scratch.

With that in mind we present TD Gamenights’ Season 24!

Season 24 starts Tuesday January 1st, 2019 and will end on Friday, March 29th, 2019. Points will be final on Sunday, March 31st. The Season 24 Grand Finale will take place on Monday, April 1st, 2019 at Woofs! Our popular Top Points Bounty tournament will be merged into the Grand Finale as described below.

For Season 24 you will need 3800 points to qualify for the Grand Finale. There are (at the time of writing this) 38 games scheduled for Season 24. That means you would need to place in 8th place in each of the games to qualify. Of course, you will probably make many more points than 100 each time you place so there should be no worries about meeting the minimum qualifying points. Also, you qualify for the Grand Finale simply by winning any of the 38 scheduled game nights during the season. 

The way we are merging the Top Points Finale into the Grand Finale is simple. Everyone who plays in the Grand Finale will have a cash bounty chip in play (no cost to you, as always). The Top Point Players (the Top 10 point totals) will earn a double bounty for each person they take out. And the very top point player for the season gets a lunch or dinner strategy session before the finale (if time permits).

And now for the real back to basics part of Season 24. NO BONUS POINTS. No points for dealing. Each table will ask for a volunteer dealer but if one is not found then the deal will go from player to player following the Dealer button. No points for bonus hands. Consider the cheers and roar from the table as your reward. If you help us set up or take down a game, thank you. But no bonus points. This may seem like a harsh decision, but it really isn’t. 

We heard several people take issue with how many people were in the Season 23 Grand Finale. Some even went as far as to say that not everyone who played in the Grand Finale deserved to play. This season there will be no issues or questions. This season EVERYONE has the same chance to win their way into the Season 24 Grand Finale. Either win one of the nightly games or amass enough points. 

Frankly, everyone who played in the Season 23 Grand Finale deserved to be there but this season there will be no questions about it. This season, everyone who plays and earns enough points or has a victory plays in the Grand Finale. EVERYONE IN THE SEASON 24 GRAND FINALE WILL HAVE EARNED THEIR SEAT! 

This is going to be a fun season of hard fought poker victories, bad beats, and stories to tell your family about. This season is also going to be pure poker at its finest. No bonuses based on what you eat or drink. No extra points because you bought a VIP pass. Nothing and no one gets you to the Grand Finale except the pure and simple perfection of well-timed bets and perfect bluffs.

Welcome back to poker the way it was meant to be played.

 Welcome to TD Gamenights! 

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