Welcome to Season 23!

TD Gamenights Season 23


August 13th thru December 13th, 2018

Regular Season Runs Thru December 9th

Finale Week Runs December 10th thru 13th

The Long Run

Season 23 starts Monday, August 13th and runs thru Thursday, December 9th.  The Finales will be held between the 10th and 13th of December, 2018.

Season 23 is going to be perhaps our longest season ever.  With so many opportunities to earn points we decided to have the largest point total ever required to get into the Grand Finale at the end of the season.  To play in the Grand Finale of Season 23 you will need to earn 7500 points.  We are also giving more chances to earn points than ever.

Bounty chips are still in play.  100 points for each one turned in at the end of your game. 

In lieu of the Top Points Winner vs Top Bounty Winner Playoff this season, the top 4 point totals for the season will have a Heads Up Showdown during Finale week for a chance to play Matthew P Heads Up for a special prize.  Counting total bounties will not be done this season.

Big Hand Bonus Points.  Any time a hand with quads or better is played out all the way to the river, everyone playing that evening is rewarded 100 points.

Dealers this season will be rewarded as follows:

100 points for any dealing.

200 points for dealing 1 or more blinds.

300 points for dealing until the TD dismisses you (sometimes you might be called to deal more than once during the same tournament).

500 for dealing an entire game (even if it means dealing after you are out)

As always, we will still be offering our poker classes and dealer training before our regular games.  If you attend either a class or training (it must last longer than 20 minutes to get credit) you will get 100 points.

During some select Holiday games (and an introduction tournament or two) we will offer Rebuy Tournaments.  Players at each of those tournaments will start with a set number of bonus points and if they run out of chips they may trade in their bonus points for a new stack of chips.  If they don't Rebuy they keep the bonus points.

Of course we are thrilled to be able to continue or sponsorship by Horseshoe Casino and Resort in Tunica and their amazing prize package will once again be the Grand Prize for our Season 23 Grand Finale.

2 nights stay at the Horseshoe Tunica.

$300 credit on your Total Rewards card to use on anything you like (except gambling).

$150 in cash for your room deposit and your gas for the trip, or $50 cash for your room deposit and a driver to take you to Tunica and back and drive while there.

Although not a guarantee, we may even get you 2 tickets to one of the awesome shows at Bluesville while you are staying at the Horseshoe (ask Matthew P for details).

For our Top Points Tournament we are going to include something we used in Season 22.  Matthew P will be playing again.  But we are also going to allow a player at each table who did not otherwise qualify to be in the Top Points Tournament to play in the Tournament AND act as the Table Dealer.  They will be required to pass Dealer Training and agree to deal until they are no longer needed as dealers in the Top Points Tourney.

This Season is going to feature some serious competition, some fierce players, and a lot of FUN!  Our Grand Finale is going to require 7500 points to qualify to play and the Top Points Finale is open to more than the Top 15 Point Totals.

It's going to be great and the best part about it is, as always, all of you!

Keep up with everything happening at the Horseshoe Tunica's AMAZING Poker Room by Liking them on Facebook so you can be up to date on all of their big tournaments, promotions, and special events!

We have updated our website to include the August 2017 Poker Tournament Directors Association rules updates.  These are the rules that the WSOP uses and the rules we try to adhere to.

The best poker in Atlanta is played with TD Gamenights, make sure you are part of it!