Our Charitable Efforts

 You all should know how important charity is to us here at TD Gamenights.  And although dogs are still among our top priorities we have been offered an opportunity to support a charity that should be important to everyone.  Bringing the joy of reading to the children of the nation.  Nothing is more important than a knowledgeable population and knowledge starts with reading.  We are proud to be a part of Bess' journey and if you want more information or want to help out, please click the link below!  Thank you!

Charity is very important to us here at TD Gamenights.  We believe that we need to share the benefits we have gotten and these are some of the ways we try to do that.  We do a water based 5k every April and support dog rescues all year round.

And every April you are all invited to come out and join us in the 5k water walk, the Sierra Splash!