About Us

 TD Gamenights is an entirely new concept in the Atlanta poker scene.  Completely free, completely legal, and a completely equal chance to win poker tournaments.  We believe the truest form of poker is one where everyone has an equal chance to win.  And in order to have an equal chance to win no one should be able to gain an advantage over another player just because they have more money to spend.  Save that for the casinos. 
     At our locations, money will buy you drinks, food, maybe a friend or two, but absolutely no extra chips just for buying things.  We and our host locations certainly want you to spend like crazy.  That's why we have selected only the locations with the best food, the best drinks, and the best service to host our games. 
     Our founder, Matthew, believes that the only way he will become a better player himself is to surround himself with good players.  And the only way to know if the people you are playing with are good or lucky is to have everyone start with an equal chance to win.  And that is why he started TD Gamenights.
     At TD Gamenights we want everyone to have fun, learn something, and become prepared to go into any casino and face down any competition.  We use the Poker Tournament Directors Association (TDA) rules that virtually every casino has adopted.  As a matter of fact, we are proud to boast that every single one of our tournament directors has been certified as a Level 1 Tournament Director by the PTDA.
     Our strict adherence to the rules of law and the rules of poker also enabled us to become the first poker or gaming company in Georgia to be sponsored by a casino of any kind.  And we are sponsored by the biggest and best casino company in the business!  They've prepared some great prizes for us and some amazing surprises are coming.
     Know that we are always open to suggestions and welcome your comments.  Please feel free to write us at anytime with suggestions, questions, or even ideas on where to hold our next TD Gamenights Poker Night!